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Erstellt von knutpankrath am Montag 17. April 2017

Typically I write in german. This one has to be in english, because a part of the audience might be more comfortable in this language. If my vocabulary is poor, my grammar is wrong and I miss the best possible words: Please pardon my french. 8-)
  1. I would like to meet a person that used to work for ORACLE.  Looking on a 3-month-period this person works and lives in more than one city. Not so easy to get schedules synchronized in one of the cities.
  2. I attended at least partial 3 of 4 days of the great Moabit Basketball Eastercup which I mentioned before.
  3. I have at least one question to my current employers HR.
And what a person do I meet on twitter by chance?
One who is a) connected to Oracle, b) attented parts of the tournament too and c) has HR in the twitter bio at the same time. The world really seems to be small.

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